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Gala Overview

There are many different types of competition and the Committee and coaches of the Club select a full range of events appropriate to the size of the club and the standard of our swimmers.

Bramcote Swimming Club competes as a team at various venues, usually on Saturday evenings, over a full range of swimming races against other clubs in various league and trophy galas. Points are awarded for the position achieved in each race and the total points give each club a final position in the gala. We try to compete against clubs of a similar standard to ourselves.

Open meets provide the swimmer with a chance to compete in favoured/preferred events, targeting particular qualifying times and standards (e.g. County or Regional Qualifying times). Although the swimmer is competing for themselves, they are still representing Bramcote Swimming Club. The Head Coach identifies specific open meets that competitive swimmers should aim to attend. This ensures a large presence from our club on poolside, so that both moral and technical support can be provided by the coach and other swimmers. We run our own Level 3 open meet - The Bramcote Open - which takes place on the last Sunday in November.

The Nottinghamshire County Championships, which are open to swimmers who achieve the appropriate qualifying times, take place over several weekends during February and March. The Midland Championships and 'Nationals' provide progressively higher levels of competition.

Last, but not least, we run several galas for club members only. These include the Club Championships, which take place in the autumn, with trophies which are handed-out at our Presentation Night in December; Badge Galas, where swimmers aim to achieve timed standards, as set down by the ASA. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges are awarded to the achievement of specific times on strokes/distances.

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